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New World of Blockchain and NFT

Today we speak with Dr. Goldston on the new world of Blockchain, AIs, and NFTs! Recently, we’ve heard all the hype about buying digital art, what does that mean?

How are some companies using blockchain to create solutions to social problems? And what does AI have to do with it? Find out all of that on this episode. Dr. Goldston shares his vision of this not-to-distant future. Justin Goldston, Ph.D. is a leading expert on blockchain technology and its inclusion in business enterprises.

As a certified management consultant, he has worked with leaders of organizations implementing enterprise applications around the world. With his love for technology and his passion to make a positive impact on social change, Dr. Goldston has made it his mission to bring technological knowledge and capabilities to the people.

Dr. Goldston is a member of The Blockchain Council, The World Blockchain Association, The Government Blockchain Association, and is currently studying in one of the first Blockchain programs in the country at Cornell University. With a belief that it was his time to pay it forward, Dr. Goldston entered into academia teaching both undergraduate and graduate programs at Aurora University, North Carolina Wesleyan College, as well as being a guest lecturer at Rutgers University and Morgan State University . Dr. Goldston was selected to evaluate one of the first doctoral programs in Quality Systems Management for the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Goldston has shared his research on various technologies at both academic and professional conferences around the world and is the author of the book Critical Success Factors in ERP implementations in Manufacturing Environments.

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