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How Do You Job Search? With Stacey A. Gordon

In this episode, I speak with Stacey about the process of finding a job that aligns with your values. We discuss all the hurdles that one has to go through from discrimination all the way to beating the applicant system.

Stacey A. Gordon is a Diversity, Inclusion, and Career Strategist who works to reduce bias in recruiting and barriers to hiring. Leading at the intersection of recruiting, career development, diversity and workplace culture, Stacey has delivered keynote speeches globally and developed educational content that has engaged professionals both in-person and in a virtual environment. She focuses on reworking how companies work. That includes how they recruit, hire and engage women and professionals of color.

Stacey is the creator of the number one resume course at LinkedIn learning and her unconscious bias course has been translated into several languages. She is a highly rated coach practitioner who has facilitated coaching of Chief Diversity Officers and other D&I practitioners at several Diversity & Inclusion forums. She was recognized by Pepperdine University as a Top 40 Over 40 Leader, was a finalist for Los Angeles Business Journal’s Women Helping Women Award and was recognized by Forbes as a Top 3 Business Leader Who Spoke Out About Diversity & Inclusion.

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