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Fatherless Epidemic, Trauma and Education with L.T. Bourne, Author of It’s Not A Man’s World

In this episode we speak with L.T, Bourne about how his journey growing up without a father, overcoming generational trauma with healing and seeking education to find stability in life. L.T. Bourne is a speaker and author whose professional career began back in 2019 after his first book “It’s Not A Man’s World”. In his first book, L.T. reveals what is like for a male growing up in a fatherless household.

He is the holder of two degrees – an Associates of Arts Degree in Business Management from National American University and a Bachelor of Science degree majoring Psychology from The University of Buckingham. Currently he is employed by the Turks & Caicos Government as a Probation Officer.Bourne discovered in his early 20s his gift of inspiration and leadership. He founded Open Thought, a non-profit organization created for youth development in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to give the youth a voice and an outlet to express themselves.

He believed creating Open Thought would inspire youth to overcome the circumstances they are facing by creating a platform that promotes like-minded individuals who have risen above similar circumstances.

It is a vision he carries in his heart to this very day as he is still building the outlet.L.T. has been featured in newspapers, on podcast, radio shows and TV Shows. His most notable interview was on University of Adversity with Lance Essihos. A list of all his features is provided below. Bourne continues to push social boundaries as he leads the fight against the fatherless epidemic that is happening globally.

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