Muslim Visionaries 501(c)4

The Muslim Visionaries 501(c)4, comprising leaders from business, labor, and community sectors, actively enhances Muslim American political influence. It focuses on recruiting and training candidates aligned with its vision, and fosters leadership opportunities for Muslim professionals. We're dedicated to amplifying Muslim voices and values in the American landscape.
Support the development and creation of the Muslim Visionaries 501(c)4 and build sustainable Muslim power in leadership positions.
* The initial $5000 collected through this campaign will be utilized to work with an attorney to file the initial paperwork, craft by-laws and ensure due diligence.

We are here to create new possibilities

To help Muslim leaders and allies to lead, organize and advocate for an agenda that align with Muslim values.
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Invest in Rising Leadership

We're dedicated to investing in the future of leadership. Join us in supporting and cultivating the next generation of trailblazers who will lead with integrity, vision, and an unwavering commitment to our community's progress. 

Organize Resources

Our focus is on the smart organization and allocation of resources to empower Muslim voices. Be a part of our initiative to strategically support campaigns and projects that align with our goals, ensuring every contribution makes a significant difference.

Advocate for Muslim Values

Join us in advocating for Muslim values in the political arena. We're dedicated to upholding and promoting the principles of justice, equality, and peace, ensuring that the Muslim perspective is represented and respected in public discourse.
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