Muslim Visionaries and Knafeh Queen Raise 100k+ for Dr. West's Presidential Campaign

Jan 10

In the realm of social activism and community empowerment, a remarkable event recently unfolded, marking a significant milestone in the intersection of visionary leadership and philanthropic dedication. This gathering was not just a fundraiser; it was a testament to the power of unity, vision, and unwavering commitment to social justice.

100k+ Raised to Support Dr. West's Platform  

The event, organized by a group of dynamic Muslim visionaries and the famed Knafeh Queens, achieved a monumental success by raising over $100,000 in support of Dr. Cornel West's presidential candidacy. Dr. West, a renowned intellectual and a vocal advocate for civil rights, has been a staunch supporter of Palestine for over five decades. His unwavering stance and eloquent advocacy have resonated with many who seek justice and equality.

Shaping the American Muslim Philosophy  

At the heart of this event were speakers who not only represent the pinnacle of intellectual thought but also embody the spirit of community service. Professor Dr. Hassanah El-Yacoubi, an esteemed scholar, shared insights that illuminated minds and inspired hearts. Dr. Soboh, Chairman of the Shura Council, brought his wealth of experience and deep understanding of community dynamics to the fore. Linda Sarsour, a nationally recognized community organizer, lent her voice and support, further amplifying the event's impact.

Palestinian-American Philanthropist Mustafa Milbis as Visionary of the Year

The evening was also a moment to honor a distinguished figure in the community, Palestinian-American Philanthropist Mustafa Milbes. His contributions and tireless work in philanthropy have not only supported numerous causes but have also served as an inspiration for many to engage in charitable and community-driven endeavors.

This event was more than a fundraiser; it was a vibrant tapestry of shared goals and mutual support. It underscored the strength that lies in collective effort and the remarkable achievements that can be attained when visionaries and dedicated individuals come together. The success of this event is a beacon of hope and a powerful reminder of what can be accomplished through solidarity and shared purpose.

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