Muslim Visionaries Kicks-Off Movement with Dr. Cornel West and Knafeh Queens

Nov 22
Join Muslim Visionaries on Dec 16th for its inaugural event with Dr. Cornel West. Co-hosted by Knafeh Queens. In these bleak times where it seems like the world is against us, Dr. West is a breath of fresh air with his commitment to truth and justice. Dr. Cornel West, affectionately known to many as Brother West, is the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary.

Dr. West teaches on the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, as well as courses in Philosophy of Religion, African American Critical Thought, and a wide range of subjects - including but by no means limited to - the classics, philosophy, politics, cultural theory, literature, and music. He has a passion to communicate to a vast variety of public in order to keep alive the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. – a legacy of telling the truth and bearing witness to love and justice.

The launch of Muslim Visionaries, a transformative initiative for American Muslim leadership, is set to be celebrated with a special end-of-year gathering featuring the esteemed Dr. Cornel West, alongside co-host Knafeh Queens.

This event not only marks the commencement of Muslim Visionaries but also highlights its commitment to fostering a new era of empowered Muslim professionals in politics, business, and nonprofit sectors.

Special End-of-Year Gathering with Dr. Cornel West
Dr. Cornel West, a distinguished intellectual and activist renowned for his insights on race, politics, and social justice, will be a keynote speaker at the event. His participation is particularly meaningful in these challenging times, providing inspiration and guidance for emerging leaders. The presence of Knafeh Queens, known for delicious knafeh engaging and warmth, further enriches this gathering.

Launch of Muslim Visionaries
Responding to global challenges faced by the Muslim community and the need for effective advocacy, Muslim Visionaries aims to cultivate proactive, principled leadership across multiple arenas. This initiative is a response to the current political climate, including issues like the ceasefire in Gaza, and the reluctance of political leaders to advocate effectively for Muslim communities.

Empowering Local Leadership for National Influence
Muslim Visionaries is rooted in the principle of grassroots empowerment. "Building power from the ground up is our approach," says Dr. Bazz, a creator of the Muslim Visionaries. This includes empowering local leaders to effect change and establishing a network of local chapters to strengthen Muslim communities nationwide.

Comprehensive Leadership Training Across Sectors
The provision of leadership training is central to the mission of Muslim Visionaries. "We're preparing leaders for influential roles in all sectors," Dr. Bazz adds. The training programs are aligned with Islamic principles, enabling leaders to make ethical and impactful decisions.

A Call for Collaborative Efforts and Expansion
This initiative extends beyond a organization to a movement for greater Muslim representation and influence. Dr. Bazz invites Muslim professionals and allies to join and contribute to building a network of informed, influential Muslim leaders. Muslim Visionaries is open to collaboration with leaders and organizations sharing its vision.
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