Reflections on Pomona Ceasefire by Chair of Inland Valley Muslims

Jan 24

Reflections from Brother Suleiman, Chair of Inland Valley Muslims

Last night something beautiful took place.

The Pomona City Council approved a ceasefire resolution - however, it is much deeper than that.

Several months ago, one person witnessed the injustice against Palestinians and decided to do something - rather than remain silent. This ONE person protested at City Hall. Note that this person was not Muslim, nor Arab, nor Palestinian - but part of an immigrant run roller skating (and skateboarding) group in Pomona [@allwheelspomona].
Other organizations [@genteorganizada and @909mutualaid] noticed and joined the protest.

Over the course of the next few months, they attended multiple city council meetings. More groups joined. More individuals joined. More communities joined.

Individuals, organizations and communities that never heard of each other, let alone worked with each other, came together with the common goal of demanding that the Pomona City Council represent the constituents and stand for justice!

Everyone from the unhoused to doctors, from a pre-k student to college professors, from the Jewish to Christian to Muslim faiths, from US Military veterans to undocumented immigrants - and everyone in between - took part!!

Last night was the culmination of that effort; a months-long campaign for justice, in which we all celebrated a victory.

What we witnessed last night shows that consistency and hard work pays off.

What we witnessed last night was that people from any and every community CAN COME TOGETHER and work in unison for the benefit of humanity! The beauty of such can not be put in words!

Let's continue building bridges and working for the benefit of society!!

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