Inland Valley Ceasefire Coalition Leads Congressman Takano to Endorse Ceasefire

Dec 9

Next Focus on Congresswoman Torres

Riverside, CA  – The Inland Valley Ceasefire Action Coalition, a collective of key community groups, has successfully prompted Congressman Mark Takano to support a ceasefire in Gaza. This major achievement follows the Coalition's rigorous advocacy efforts, underlining the substantial impact of their dedicated campaign on Gaza.

The Coalition, comprising Inland Valley Muslims, Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, Inland Empire-Immigrant Youth Collective, San Bernardino Community Service Center, Muslim Visionaries, CAIR-LA, and numerous student organizations from the University of California, Riverside (UCR), has been at the forefront of this advocacy movement. Demands for a ceasefire were eloquently outlined in an initial demand letter, focusing on fostering a ceasefire, halting military aid to Israel, and addressing the root causes of the conflict.

Mr. Suleiman, Chairman of Inland Valley Muslims, expressed his thoughts on the Coalition's next steps: "The endorsement of the ceasefire by Congressman Takano marks a significant milestone for us. We are now gearing up to direct our efforts towards Congresswoman Norma Torres, advocating for her support of the ceasefire. Our commitment to peace and justice is unwavering, and we stand united in our efforts to bring about positive change."

The Coalition's influence on Congressman Takano's decision, just an hour before their planned demonstration, highlights the impact of their coordinated advocacy efforts, including phone calls, emails, and a petition signed by hundreds.

The Coalition encourages the community to express their gratitude to Congressman Takano by calling his office at 951.222.0203. They emphasize the importance of continuous support for Palestinians.

With their sights now set on Congresswoman Norma Torres, the Inland Valley Ceasefire Action Coalition remains resolute in its mission to promote peace and rights for the people of Gaza. They continue to stand in solidarity with those calling for a ceasefire.
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